The plant

Trater plant extends over an area of three hectares and is located on the borders of Brianza at an altitude of 173 m above sea level. and develops on a land surface, composed of mixtures of draining gravel and stumps.

In a logistically strategic position, on the provincial road
Monza-Saronno, which is one of the few remaining north of Milan for the transit of exceptional transports moving from the Turin area to Veneto. Customers, visitors and inspectors benefit from the nearby international airports of Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio.

We put the respect for the environment first, the plant is continuously updated to be adequate for hygiene, fire-fighting and environmental regulations.

In particular, from 1969 to the present day, the largest updating interventions that have been performed concern the complete renovation of the roofs.

Particular attention was paid to the subsoil with the review and reconstruction of all the rainwater collection, filtration and dispersion networks of the entire plant.

The complete renovation of the sub-services for the distribution of energy, gas, water, district heating, compressed air, data, etc… The creation of technological yards for the storage of items, even those with heavy weight, with integrated the tanks for the collection of rainwaters and their collection towards the purification plants.

The purification plants are sized for the treatment of volumes of rainwater evaluated on the basis of strict atmospheric precipitation coefficients adapted to the latest adverse historical meteorological events.

The purifiers are equipped with tanks used as water reserve with related pumping systems for the introduction of non-drinkable recycled water into the dedicated distribution network.

The search for a sustainable balance between the production site and green areas, draining, used as a home for plants of various floristic species. The creation of external work areas equipped for the rapid connection of new users, the widespread diffusion of systems for alerting and emergency management.

At the same time, work has also been done to increase the capacity to manage increasingly heavier items and with remarkable geometrical dimensions.

But the plant is also the people who work there every day with passion.
TRATER’s prerogative is therefore to operate in harmony in a qualified, collaborative Staff and inspired by the principles of “family”.

Trater plant is ready for new challenges. New plants are about to arrive…

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