Coating chemical, petrochemical and energy production plants and assistance after treatments

Trater applies any coating cycle for the mechanical engineering, chemical, off-shore, energy, pharmaceutical, food, civil and transport industries, and works in compliance with the most stringent specifications: Nace, Mil, Norsok and the most successful Engineering Companies in the world.

Trater performs Abrasive blasting, Flame spray, PTFE coating and Painting operations on a daily basis and has air-conditioned booths with dimensions of up to 30m in length, 10m in width and 6m in height. It is equipped with equipment for handling items with weights up to 180 tons. It has manual abrasive blasting systems, with the use of metal abrasives, angular in steel, stainless steel, cast iron and inert (corundum, garnet and glass microspheres) and automatic plants capable of abrasive blasting big items. The pre-treatment of the surface, by abrasive blasting, is normally carried out at degrees of cleanliness SA 2.5 and SA3 and in any case in accordance with the reference specifications and the technical data sheets of the products applied. The abrasive blasting profiles and roughness comply with the painting cycles and are obtained with rigorous control of the grain sizes of the abrasives used.

Quality Control

Trater has all the control equipment for the relevant standard tests:

the detection of environmental conditions (air temperature, air humidity, temperature of the items, calculation of the Dew point);

checks on abrasive blasting (PH of the welds before pre-treatment, pollutants in the sandblasting air, presence of pollutants in the abrasive, degree of cleanliness, roughness, salts, dust on the surfaces);

to flame spray checks: bend test, pull off;

to checks during painting: viscosity, wet thickness, dry thickness, adhesion.

At the end of the work, Trater issues the complete certification of the tests performed, in compliance with the agreements reached and the reference specifications.

All the equipment used is periodically calibrated by Accredited Laboratories and a copy of the certificates is attached, when agreed, to the certification issued.

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Trater applies, on a daily basis, products by the most important national and international paint manufacturers (Carboline, International Paint, Jotun, Hempel) or with the manufacturers indicated by the reference specifications.

Trater’s staff

All members of staff are qualified and periodically participate in refresher courses, held by Nace inspectors and accredited bodies.

Trater staff has over 45 employees, 8 of whom are employed full-time in the abrasive blasting, painting and flame spray sectors. A special department provides for the creation of protections for surfaces not to be abrasive blasted or coated.

The heart of the company is the technical office with 12 people including specialists, engineers and quality staff, some of whom are specifically trained for the corrosion protection sector.

Work processes at completion of the items

Trater makes available to customers, after the coating operations, the spaces and vehicles (mobile cranes, forklifts and overhead cranes) to carry out inspections, application of refractories, packaging and shipping directly to the construction sites for the putting into service of the components.

At our factory it is also possible to perform the non-destructive testings and the possible hydraulic tests of the items after heat treatment. We do not have X-ray bunkers.

Collaborative relationships with companies in the sector

Finally, Trater can make its plants and ovens available exclusively to companies in the sector for the performance of reserved coatings and work processing cycles, such as for example the PTFE application on big items (up to 20 meters in length, 5 in height and 7 meters wide) or the hot polymerization of specific products.

Reliability of the company

For the most important components, in which the painting cycle is supervised by end customers or third-party inspection bodies, it is important that our customers can count on a structured and reliable supplier like Trater, which has personnel and means available to carry out at best the cleaning and coating operations of the items, which will be exposed to the most severe and aggressive environments in operation.
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