The Sectors in which we operate

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Welded structures

Stress-relieving treatments of carbon steels and treatments of workability of cast iron. 12 ovens available every day to guarantee geometrically stable items during mechanical processing and in operation, treated with the most appropriate heating and cooling rates depending on the thickness and geometric complexity of the components. read more



Assistance to customers during the design of products subject to heat treatment, in order to define the most appropriate construction process to obtain the best performance from the components in operation, in accordance with the specifications and contractual constraints of the contracting companies. read more


Chemical, Oils & Gas

PWHT and Stress relieving treatments of valves with overlays applied to guarantee geometric stability during processing and in operation, Solution annealing of stainless steels and of nickel alloys; Normalizing and Tempering treatments of alloy and low-alloy steels; Stabilization treatments of AISI 321 and AISI 347 steels; Quenching and Tempering treatments. read more



Stress relieving and PWHT heat treatments of heat exchangers and pipings. Normalizing and Tempering of alloy and low-alloy steels. Up to 140 thermocouples per component, sophisticated hot gas blowing equipment, staff 24 hours a day to verify that every part of the most complicated and critical components heats up correctly, without hardness problems. read more


Non-ferrous metal treatment

Annealing treatments of aluminum to make it geometrically stable during cutting and processing, free from work hardening and springbacks during bending. Homogenization treatments of aluminum slabs. Annealing treatments of Copper and Alloys, also in an inert atmosphere. read more


Other services

Trater makes its plants available to carry out hot operations such as Shrink fittings, PTFE polymerization, glues and coatings, drying of equipment after hydraulic testing, type approval of components for work in the event of fire (Fans, Shutters, Fire boxes, Fire proof materials, etc. .). read more

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The plant

Trater plant extends over an area of three hectares and is located on the borders of Brianza at an altitude of 173 m.

In a logistically strategic position, on the provincial road Monza-Saronno, which is one of the few remaining north of Milan for the transit of exceptional transports moving from the Turin area to Veneto.
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