Heat treatment consultancy

Trater provides the Prestigious Clients with knowledge and experience of about half a century of activity, to handle with the delicate study stage of an heat treatment:

as far as the comprehension of the contractual specifications is concerned (ASME, PED, NACE, ISPESL, API, NORSOK, ecc...);

about metallurgical requirements of the materials and joints under examination

as far as the geometries of the items are concerned, which if not correctly treated, may be subject to deformations or upsettings, generating problems of aggression where items work with corrosive agents.

Trater suggests treatment procedures and helps clients during technical debates with the final engineering companies which have to approve them. The most complicated treatments in which Trater stands out surely are the heat treatments of heat exchangers, during which if the tube bundle does not heat up at the same rate of the shell, the tubesheets undergo deformations or cracks may appear on the tube-sheet’s welds due to the different lengthening of the tubes in comparison with the shell. If all the welds do not correctly reach the prescribed temperature there is the risk of the material not being tempered, with areas with lower resilience and higher hardness acting as corridors of stress concentration. For more valuable components, that undergo strict inspections and treatments monitored by third institutions, it is important that our clients can count on a structured and trustworthy supplier as Trater, which has the availability of personnel and means to execute heat treatments at best and always provide correctly treated items.
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